Why Are Heart Problems So Common Among Athletes?

As we do today, we are constantly seeing reports of athletes suffering from heart problems. Sometimes these problems can even cause athletes to die suddenly. So what’s the reason for this? We briefly explained the causes of heart problems in athletes.

As you may have heard, today Denmark and Finland Denmark’s star name in the match played between Christian Eriksen He collapsed to the ground, fainting. Later known to have stopped heart and the condition of the football player who was taken to the hospital is currently stable. So why is this distressing problem so common among football players and professional athletes in many other disciplines?

Not a year goes by that a famous name in sports requiring high performance does not have a heart attack. The frequency of this condition may vary, sometimes every few months or even every few weeks. What about runners, basketball players, football players and other branches? Why do professional athletes have heart problems so often?

Why are heart problems common among athletes?

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The heart attack that tens, maybe hundreds of athletes face every year, unfortunately can sometimes lead to death. This problem, which does not give very clear symptoms to be understood before it is tackled, is simply explained as follows: Due to intense activity, the heart is forced to supply the necessary blood to the body. running at a much faster pace than usual. This is how the heart, which is working hard to send blood to the muscles, it also grows its own muscles. This situation works similarly to how we grow our muscles by doing sports, so it is not possible for the heart to suddenly grow. The growing heart needs more blood.. As this organ growth, called hypertrophy in medicine, continues, the pathways through which the heart pumps blood are blocked by developing muscles.

What is the cause of sudden death?

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So why do some athletes suddenly die on the field of sports before they even get a chance to be treated? Because most of these deaths are not caused by heart attacks. A heart attack occurs when some heart muscles stop working due to insufficient oxygen intake. Most of the athletes who died suddenly cardiac arrest or due to sudden cardiac death He suddenly loses consciousness and falls to the ground. In such cases, early intervention is necessary, as was done with Eriksen today.