Why Huawei Didn’t Introduce Kirin 9000 at IFA 2020


Although China-based technology giant Huawei confirmed that it will introduce the Kirin 9000 chipset at IFA 2020 on September 3, this promotion did not take place. There are two main reasons why Huawei does not introduce the new chipset, according to a Chinese media outlet.

IFA 2020Despite the coronavirus epidemic, with hygiene measures and special restrictions, it started in Berlin recently. 3-5 September Huawei was one of the companies to introduce their new products at the fair, which opened its doors to visitors between the dates of 2018. It was taken for granted that the China-based technology giant introduced the next-generation Kirin 9000 flagship chipset at this event.

Huawei, On September 3 Although the company confirmed that it will introduce the next generation flagship chipset, the announcement never materialized. Thus, Huawei did not introduce a new generation flagship chipset for the first time in years. Behind this sudden change in plans, according to a China-based media outlet a few mother why has.

Why didn’t Huawei introduce the Kirin 9000 chipset?


According to the Chinese media outlet, the first main reason Huawei changes its plans is with the company’s new chipset. unwanted interest not wanting to pull it over. The second reason is the necessary units of the Chinese company, TSMC limited time framework not quite sure that they can deliver within.

As you know, the Trump administration, with the new decision taken recently, the companies using the US software or hardware From 14 September then announced that he would not allow it to do business with Huawei. Following this decision, the paths of TSMC, one of the largest business partners with Huawei, separated and Huawei is now Kirin chips that you cannot produce had explained.

According to the latest information, TSMC is working overtime to fulfill orders and deliver the required amount of chips. Therefore Huawei Mate 40 The launch of the series continues according to the planned schedule for now.


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Many people may have been disappointed that the Kirin 9000 was not announced, as the chip, TSMC’s 5 nm It was expected to be the world’s first chipset based on the manufacturing process. Chip manufacturer 15 million It is said that he received an order of pieces.

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