Why Is The Internet Slow In Turkey, How To Solve It?

TürkNet CEO Cem Çelebiler told Webtekno why the internet is slow in Turkey and how this problem can be solved.

Internet speeds are a big problem for many users, especially in our country. In big cities, we can get very low internet speeds even in central places. So what is the cause of this problem and how to solve it?

TürkNet CEO Cem Çelebiler, about 2 months ago mobile operator project He also made statements about my YouTube channel. This time, Çelebiler was the guest of our podcast and talked about the causes and solutions of internet problems in our country.


4. Mobile Operator is Coming: Explosive Remarks from TurkNet CEO

How can internet problems in our country be solved?

Lack of fiber infrastructure Cem Çelebiler, who explained the main causes of problems such as lack of investment and lack of investment, and the solutions to these problems to Webtekno followers, said that when the necessary steps are taken, the problems since it can be easily resolved also mentioned.

Our podcast where we hosted Cem Çelebiler and talked about internet problems and solutions in Turkey. via Spotify to listen;

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