Why You Shouldn’t Wear False, Replica Shoes

If you have looked at the stores or websites of famous shoe brands in recent years, you may have decided to buy replica shoes after swallowing your tongue. However, wearing replica shoes has negative effects on both the market economy and human health. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Everyone has a favorite shoe brand. For sports, for winter conditions, for special occasions, for stylish clothes Everyone has the right to choose a different shoe. You may be shocked when you look at the manufacturer’s store or website so that I can go and buy a nice, high quality, original shoe. Because, especially in recent years, shoes produced by famous brands are offered at astonishing prices not only in our country but all over the world.

Because no one wants to go and spend a salary on shoes replica shoes In other words, the rate of wearing fake shoes is increasing. Replica shoes look so well made almost identical to the original product. Unfortunately, the fact that it is almost the same does not show that the product is like the original. We have explained in detail why you should not use fastening products, which are harmful to the market economy as well as to human health.

What is a replica product?

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Unbeknownst to the manufacturer, due to the high price of popular, best-selling products from famous brands in general. Products produced in under-the-counter workshops that are illegal to sell It is called a replica. Replica products are copies of the original product. Although most buyers know that this product is fake, some buyers may be deceived into thinking that they are buying the real product.

Replica products include shoes, bags, t-shirts, mobile devices, accessories and many more that come to mind. In the past, every city had special marketplaces where replica products were sold. There is no need for this anymore because it is possible to encounter hundreds of these products on shopping sites.

Why are replica shoes and similar fake products preferred?

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Unfortunately people replica shoes The biggest reason why it prefers knock-off products, are the high prices of original products. When the user visits the sales stores or websites of the manufacturers, it is often not possible to meet the prices, but because he still wants to use this popular product, he turns to its replica.

Of course, money isn’t the only problem. Even though some users can pay does not want to pay such a high price or does not believe that the product is of such value. Some users, who are victims of this, may believe that the product they bought is only for a reasonable price, without knowing that it is fake.

While the production of replica products is a crime, it is also a crime to buy them deliberately. For this reason, the user group we want to warn first is not those who knowingly use fake products as partners in this crime, Anyone who thinks they are defrauding and buying real products however, they are generally users who encounter fake products when they open the cargo.

Things to consider in order not to be scammed with replica products:

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Let’s go through the example of replica shoes. In the manufacturer’s shop and on the website No seller can sell a shoe with an average of one thousand liras for 100 liras, is an impossible situation. For this reason, never trust sellers who say they have an incredible campaign.

Shop at the official sales stores or official websites of the brand of the product you want to buy. Today almost all manufacturer brands have their own sales site or they have online stores that they have opened on their shopping sites. By choosing these channels for shopping, you can minimize the possibility of possible fraud.

The product is not from the manufacturer’s sales store, but from the manufacturer’s from a store with an official sales representative Let’s say you are buying, and the number of manufacturer brands that follow this kind of sales strategy is not few at all, do not rush. Search the internet for the product you will buy and find the original images. It is possible to understand whether a product is fake by paying attention to small details.

Why should you not use replica shoes and similar fake products?

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First of all, let’s remind you that it is a crime to produce and buy replica products. Even if replica product manufacturers don’t look like it It is actually an organized crime gang. By purchasing these products, the user supports this gang. No one can know that the money earned is not used for different illegal activities.

Manufacturers employ dozens of people during the production and sale of original products. Replica product manufacturers, on the other hand, often exploit people’s labor and even employ child labor to do things against human rights and children’s rights. While manufacturing companies pay billions of liras in taxes annually, Replica product manufacturers and sellers often do not even issue invoices.

The working environment of the workshops where replica products are produced often has conditions that will harm human health and nature. Since there is no official inspection Nobody expects the working environment to be suitable for human health and nature. Unfortunately, the people who work here may die just because someone is going to wear cheap replica shoes.

Harms of replica shoes and other fake products to human health:

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Let’s open a little parenthesis at this point to avoid misunderstandings. Not every cheap or affordable product is a replica. Some international or not very famous local brands can produce products that are not harmful to human health at very affordable prices. Replica products are illegally produced versions of expensive products of famous brands. So just because you don’t know the brand doesn’t mean that the product is fake.

Let’s go through the example of replica shoes. The manufacturer prefers designs suitable for human anatomy while producing a shoe. If the fake manufacturer just because it imitates the outer design of the shoe It does not consider whether the product harms the foot bones, creates fungus, does not make you comfortable, does not cause dyeing of your socks, and whether the chemicals used in the shoes harm the leather.

Fake bags can break in a few uses, flashing mobile devices may explode during charging, Fake t-shirts can shrink in two washes and remove the dye, and in addition to all these, paint and similar coatings used on points that come into direct contact with your skin can cause allergic reactions.

If you are not rich enough to buy cheap goods, do not use replicas:

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Let’s be honest, with a few minor exceptions, no user can claim to have bought a fake product and used it for years. of the original a product you buy for one fifth of the price, you cannot use it for one-fifth of its original expiration date. Even if you use it, how much profit can you make when you take into account the repair prices? Not to mention the uncomfortable feeling it gives.

Yes, unfortunately most of the original products are offered for sale at prices that are hard to pay for many users. However, the original product that you will get your money’s worth You can get a warranty from the manufacturer. When you do not get what you expect, the legal support of the Consumer Arbitration Committee and similar institutions will always be with you.

Why fake products like replica shoes? We talked about the fact that you should not use it, and we explained the negative effects of these products on both the economy and human health. Save a little more money or pay a few more installments, but be sure of the quality of the product you buy.