Wild Rift: Details of the console and mobile version of League of Legends


In October 2019, the California developer Riot Games announced that there would be an offshoot called Wild Rift for mobile devices and consoles for the League of Legends, which was previously only available on Windows PCs. Now they have Maker more details via video presented about the gameplay and the differences to the PC version.

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Especially when it comes to operation, everything is basically different: Instead of using a keyboard and mouse, the players in Wild Rift have to control the majority of the actions with two analog sticks – which are also virtual on the smartphone if no gamepad is connected. With the sticks, the players move their champions and determine the direction of spells where this makes sense – such as where a fireball is flying.

The card is shrunk a bit compared to the PC version, but the basic structure with the large diagonal connecting line between the two starting bases and the side paths remains.

There are fewer heroes in Wild Rift, and the range of functions is also purred together. A typical game should last around 15 to 20 minutes. That may not be much for League of Legends – but it seems very long for a mobile game that is typically paddled on the bus or during a break.

The first tests of the version for Android with players in Brazil and the Philippines are to begin soon. German players can also check out the Google Play Store official website Sign in. Riot Games did not say how it will go on with the console versions.

In addition to Wild Rift, the developers are also busy with another project: On June 2, 2020, the free action game Valorant will be launched worldwide. It is the studio’s first major new release since League of Legends was launched in 2009.

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