Windows 10: June update disrupts printer

The update for Windows 10 also causes problems in June. Among other things, there are difficulties with the printing functions of the operating system. All regardless of the printer models used, users reportthat the printing functions of the operating system are disturbed. This applies to printer models from Brother, Canon, HP, Panasonic and Ricoh. There are also reports that printing to a PDF file does not work either.

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Microsoft has the Windows 10 printer function error already confirmed and is currently working on an error correction. The Windows manufacturer admits that certain printer models no longer work after installing the June update on a Windows 10 system. The PDF printing function is also affected.

The reason is that the printer spooler causes problems and the printout fails, it says on the part of Microsoft. In the course of this, it could also happen that the program ends when trying to print. In the worst case, this can lead to data loss if data was not saved in the application before printing.

Also errors in the interaction with Avast products

As a workaround, Microsoft recommends either uninstalling the June update for Windows 10 or replacing the printer driver. Then the printing functions should be available again. After uninstalling the update, updates would either have to be paused or the June update specifically blocked so that it is not imported again. When Microsoft wants to correct the error is not known.

In addition, there seem to be problems using the Avast software. Then a number of applications might not start, it says in the Microsoft forum. Avast has already released a patchwhich is to be used to eliminate the error.

Other difficulties with Windows 10 updates

There were also problems with the May update for Windows 10 last month. First, a bug made it impossible to install the Windows 10 update at all. While this could be avoided with some changes to the settings, it was better to wait for the bug to be officially fixed. In addition, the interaction of Intel’s Optane memory with the May update for Windows 10 did not work properly.

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