Windows 10 Users Are Alerted for Adobe Flash Player


Adobe began sending out a notification warning Windows 10 users as Flash Player support will end on December 31, 2020. Users with the Windows 10 operating system encounter Pop-up notifications sent by Adobe on their computers. This notice states that users should uninstall Adobe Flash Player as soon as possible to prevent a possible security breach.

About 6 months ago, Adobe announced that it would remove Flash Player, which was once an indispensable part of the internet, by the end of this year. Date when Adobe Flash Player will be unplugged, December 31, 2020 was determined as.

Adobe began to frequently warn Windows 10 users just short of entering the new year. In a notification, Adobe has sent users that support for Flash will end on December 31, In order not to have a security problem He states that they should uninstall the application as soon as possible. Microsoft also announced that it will take an additional measure against all these warnings and a new update will be brought to Windows 10 on the issue.

Adobe has started to warn users of a possible privacy breach

Adobe Flash Player alert

Adobe Flash Player received its last update on December 9, 2020. Although the application has received a new update, Flash Player has not been extended. With the arrival of December 31st, support for Adobe Flash will now be completely removed. However, with the removal of support, all Adobe Flash plug-ins passive as a secure software will not pass.


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Malware leaked into plug-ins as Adobe Flash Player will no longer receive updates remote computer access may allow. Being aware of this situation, Adobe to avoid charges such as breach of confidentiality started to warn users frequently.

The company, which sends a pop-up warning to computers with Windows 10 operating system, warns users that Adobe Flash Player should be removed as soon as possible. In this Pop-up tab, users either remind me later option or uninstall app Can click on the option.

Microsoft will bring a new update for users who ignore the warning

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft has also developed a new method for users who do not uninstall Adobe Flash Player despite all these warnings. The company introduced Adobe Flash Player to Windows 10 in early 2021. an update to eliminate it completely will bring. However, this update is only available from Microsoft automatically installs it will be valid for the application. Flash Player plug-ins that users download from browsers can only be uninstalled by users.

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