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Microsoft once assured that Windows 10 would not be followed by a new version. Instead, new features should continue to come with the semi-annual upgrades. But now the software giant from Redmond has presented Windows 11. The main thing that catches the eye is the new look: brighter, friendlier, clearer. The Windows developers have revised the taskbar and the start menu as well as the Explorer, the settings and the store.

The Windows experts at the c’t editorial team took a close look at the pre-release version of Windows 11. Jan Schüssler gives an overview of the changes and new functions of Windows 11. Florian Müssig classifies the hardware requirement mentioned by Microsoft as well as the excitement about it. Hajo Schulz explains what changes for software developers and what ways there are to get your own app on Microsoft’s platform.

They will discuss their impressions and assessments with moderator Keywan Tonekaboni. Windows 11 even reminds you of Linux here and there. Where do the c’t editors see similarities between Windows 11 and other operating systems? Which functions convince you and where does Microsoft disappoint? That’s what this episode of c’t uplink is about.

Also present: Florian Müssig, Hajo Schulz, Jan Schüssler and Keywan Tonekaboni

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