Windows 11 First Preview Released


The preview version of Windows 11, which was introduced recently, has been released. Many features presented in the promotion were also included in this version. The most striking aspects of the ‘22000.51’ version are; new application interfaces and Microsoft Store.

Microsoft recently introduced Windows 11, the first desktop operating system after a long time. The system received many positive and negative reviews, but few experienced it firsthand.

Today, Microsoft Unveiled the first preview version of Windows 11. Released via Dev Channel on Windows Insider ‘22000.51‘ version, Android apps and Microsoft Teams It offered most of the features mentioned in the introduction to the user candidates.

Notable features in the preview version of Windows 11:

windows 11

The ‘22000.51’ preview version released by Microsoft today includes many of the features mentioned in the introduction. Other features are planned to be available to the user with new preview versions throughout the summer.

Desktop and File Explorer design

windows 11

in the taskbar ‘Start’ and other app icons centered. Battery, Wi-Fi and volume adjustment buttons; Made into a single button to open the Quest Center. A simple look has been given to the design of the setting options here. File Explorer’s design has been simplified and streamlined. Logos gained a more colorful and modern look. Cut, copy, delete many operations such as; It is placed at the top of the File Explorer so that it can be clicked with the mouse.

Settings section

windows 11

Added settings and graphics with more details on battery usage. Allows giving commands with hand gestures on computers with a touch mouse. Advanced Gesture Control setting added. Windows Pen Workspace A feature has been added to the section where settings are made, where you can specify which action different pen movements will do. Customization-based settings have been detailed. Other important changes are as follows:

  • New power and battery features: Power usage will be displayed graphically, with information about the time the screen is on and the apps using the most battery at any given hour.
  • You will be able to change the name of your computer even without coming to the desktop.
  • Wi-Fi 6E support.
  • When a new update is installed, the reboot will show how long it will take to install the update.
  • Dynamic refresh rate: You will be able to increase or decrease the screen refresh rate to use the battery efficiently.


windows 11

Calendar, Weather, Local Traffic, Microsoft To Do, OneDrive Photos, Sports and eSports, Stocks and Tips including 8 widgets; were added to Windows 11 to make it easier to adjust how they appear on the desktop.

Microsoft Store

windows 11

Microsoft Store, which allows us to download applications easily in Windows 10, has been given a new logo and a much more elegant design. Windows 11 With Android app support These applications have been added to the Microsoft Store. However, only Windows applications can be viewed and downloaded in the preview version.