Windows 11 Introduced: Design, Features, Release Date


Today, Microsoft officially introduced the new generation operating system Windows 11, which it said “will not be released” for many years. We look at the features and release date of Windows 11, which is both a design and technically improved version of Windows 10.

Microsoft, which finally presented Windows 10 to us in a stable manner after numerous updates, was working on a smartphone, tablet and computer compatible system that was said to be called Windows 10X until June 2021. However, with a sudden decision, Windows 10X was canceled and replaced. Windows 11He left it to.

We learned that the new design and features of Windows 11, whose ISO extension installation file was leaked on June 15, will be offered free of charge to Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 users. However, Microsoft today took the beans out of its mouth and introduced Windows 11 at an event it held. Windows 11’s design, key features and release date We take a close look at all the details.

Windows 11 features:

  • New animations
  • Interface with more rounded edges
  • Screen segments for multitasking
  • Touchscreen features
  • More manageable multi-desktop management
  • New notification and action center
  • New Widgets we are used to from Android and iOS
  • Next generation icons
  • New dark mode
  • New boot and alert sounds
  • New taskbar, start menu and search screen
  • Windows 11 system requirements
  • Release date

New animations:


We’re pretty used to smoother transitions on smartphones. Microsoft dropped sharp animations aside with Windows 11, especially Rivals the experience offered by macOS Switched to animations.

Interface with more rounded edges:

windows 11 rounded edges

The most important change that reveals the visual difference of Windows 11 is the sharp edge and frame views in Windows 10. abandoned to be.

Screen segments for multitasking:

windows 11 multitasking

If you don’t have multiple screens in multiple windows at the same time it’s hard to work. Multitasking management, which is also included in Windows 10, has been made easier to use and switch in Windows 11.

Touch screen features:

With Windows 10, Microsoft offered users a special interface for touch screens, called tablet mode. However, Windows 11 without changing the interface can be used on touch screens. We can also access the keyboards we need faster on touch screens.

More manageable multi-desktop management:

windows 11 desktop

The multi-desktop feature that has existed in macOS for years has been gradually improved in recent versions of Windows 10. But with Windows 11, the multi-desktop feature comes in more useful households. Especially if you like to use mouse with trackpad, can open different desktops on different monitors, you can quickly switch with your fingers.

New notification and action center:

windows 11 action center

The notification and action center, which entered our lives with Windows 10, adapts to the new design of Windows 11. More wide spaces, softer look with us. There is no significant change in terms of use, but we can say that it is more elegant this way.

New Widgets we are used to from Android and iOS:

Widgets, which were unplugged with Windows 7, are coming back with Windows 11 in a way we know especially from smartphones. With fully customizable tools, from the old location of the start menu Widgets are available.

Next generation icons:

windows 11 icons

The icons that have been changed with the latest Windows 10, are now more flat and plain in accordance with the “flat design” trend with Windows 11.. Color icons according to different content types We see what they have. It is a matter of curiosity how quickly our eyes, accustomed to Windows 10, will adapt to the new icons.

New dark mode:

windows 11 dark mode

The dark mode option that comes with Windows 10 has been revamped in Windows 11 to allow for more black tones. The biggest reason for this is that instead of LCD screens, they are more compatible with black and dark colors. OLED and AMOLED displays proliferation. Thus, the dark mode of Windows 11 will consume less energy on devices with suitable screens, just like Android and iOS.

New boot and alert sounds: