Windows 7 Users Don’t Change Their Operating System


Microsoft had finished supporting Windows 7, the flagship operating system of its time, in early 2020. This does not seem to upset the users.

At the beginning of 2020, Microsoft is now Windows 7 He had announced that he had retired the operating system. When this decision is made, Windows 7 user millions The person had announced that he would not change their operating system. It seems they were right.

Passing After 1 year Too many users did not update the operating system. Most of the users Windows 10Even though he switches to, a small part remains stubborn. A small portion is worth millions.

Migrations to Windows 10 are not complete

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Microsoft’a On the anniversary of his retirement of the operating system, around the world 200 million PC users decided not to refresh their operating system. This situation becomes clear when looking at the analytical reports.

In the US Government Digital Analytics Program, the past 90 days Internet users’ access to the internet sites in the country is examined. One of the datasets shows which operating systems are used by computers that access the internet. This is us, on average Windows 7 It sets a good example to predict its users.


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In December 2019, devices connected to the internet 18.9% continued to use Windows 7. By 2020, the share of Windows 7 fell by more than 10%. Still users %8,5‘i did not want to change the operating system.

Windows 7 users turned out stubborn

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ZDNet’in According to the calculations in the past 12 months More than 100 million Windows PC is retired, converted or updated. In other measurements, findings supporting this data were found. For example in net market share Windows 10 It was observed that the usage rate increased.

Many companies and users using Windows 7 to get new security updates Extended Security Program He pays for the program called. Microsoft does not reveal how many devices this program is affected. Still, more than 100 million devices are on the program and 200 million It is stated that the device does not give up Windows 7.

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