Windows 7 will be updated until 2023 with this service

Microsoft's new service appeared while the countdown to farewell to Windows 7 was in progress. This service, called ESU, allows Windows 7 to receive security updates by 2023. However, of course, this feature is subject to serious charges.

US-based technology giant Microsoft, January 14, 2020 will bring the end of an era. The company is one of the legendary operating systems in just a few weeks. Windows 7will cut its support to. So consumers can get new security updates and features for Windows 7. will take.

In many of the news we have done in the past, consumers are more easily they will not give up We have already said. A new development shows that consumers may not need to give up Windows 7. Because a new Microsoft service that was discovered, Windows 7 will be available until 2023 for a specific update fee in exchange for purchase.

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Microsoft's paid service, "Windows 7 Extended Security Updates" (ESI(Windows 7 Extended Security Updates). But what you need to know about the ESU service is that everyone faydalanamadığı. In order to benefit from this service, you must either be a small or medium-sized business or have a volume license agreement with Microsoft.


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Microsoft last month, Windows 7 and one of the major innovations included in the update was related to ESU. With the latest update, users can check if their operating systems are compatible with the ESU service. able to understand. However, even if your system is compatible with the ESU service, you need to have a new ESU license key.

The price to keep Windows 7 up to 2023:

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The ESU service for Windows 7 2023 year, but it has a very serious price. For example; If you want a computer with Windows 7 Pro to have support for 3 years, $ 200 You need to pay. Moreover, this figure is valid for only one computer. In other words, SMEs have to allocate a very serious budget for this transaction.

How effective this Microsoft service for Windows 7 will be and how much it will be preferred by consumers Unknown. But at least business owners continue to use Windows 7 can do. Let's see if Windows 7 can survive until 2023 thanks to ESU.

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