Windows Terminal 1.2 focuses on the essentials


Microsoft has released version 1.2 of Windows Terminal as a preview. Above all, the innovations should ensure less distraction by the window appearing without title lists and tabs. The terminal also brings some new commands. Version 1.2 is currently considered a preview, and Version 1.1 launched in June is now the generally available release.

The command toggleFocusMode only shows the content of the terminal window and hides the title bar and the tabs. By default there is no shortcut for the mode, but it can be created in the settings.json file with the following line:

{ "command": "toggleFocusMode", "keys": "(TASTENKÜRZEL)" }

In which (TASTENKÜRZEL) through the desired combination like shift+f11 is to be replaced.


In focus mode, the terminal only shows the content and does without the frame

(Image: Microsoft)

Another new feature is the option to always display the terminal window in the foreground. In addition to the command toggleAlwaysOnTop the global setting exists for this alwaysOnTopthat in value true the terminal is in the foreground. There is no standard shortcut for the mode either. However, the entry in settings.json is made in the same way as the keybinding for Focus Mode.

After all, that’s over commandPalette Called command palette almost finished, but according to the developers there are still a few bugs. It also does not yet have its own shortcut, but it can be activated manually as for the other functions.

The Command Palette is integrated, but there are still a few bugs.

The Command Palette is integrated, but there are still a few bugs.

(Image: Microsoft)

Windows App 1.2 also brings some new commands: renameTab gives the active tab a new name, and the tab colors can be changed setTabColor or with the color selection tool openTabColorPicker to adjust. The Cascadia Code font used for the Windows Terminal now knows different weights such as thin, bold or normal.

Other innovations in Windows Terminal 1.2, including the UI for the settings that is still under development, can be found in the developer blog. Microsoft first introduced the Windows Terminal as a contemporary console window at Build 2019. After a preview phase followed for build 2020 version 1.0.

The source code of Windows Terminal is for both the stable (currently version 1.1) and the preview release (currently 1.2) available on GitHub. The binaries for Windows terminal and Windows Terminal Preview is available free of charge in the Microsoft Store


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