Winter temperatures in the US rose by 4.8 degrees in 50 years


There are many different studies revealing the effects of global warming. A study in the USA also revealed the change in the northeast of the country in the last 50 years.

Global warming is now an indisputable fact. Spherical warming up We have come to the times when we need to talk about whether it can be stopped before it goes to disaster, but whether it can be stopped. Every point of our planet is getting warmer.

Of course intense snowfallsblack frosts or freezing temperatures did not completely disappear from the earth. However, in general, it is a fact that the winter months are warmer compared to previous years. A research on this topic also ABD’den came.

4.8 degrees in 50 years

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According to the research conducted by Climate Central northeast winter temperatures rose. The winter temperature increase in the last 50 years was 4.8 degrees Celsius. The effects of temperature change in various states have become evident.

In Philadelphia, the temperature increases by an average of 4.8 degrees Celsius in winter. 19 days temperatures were above seasonal norms. The temperature rise in Atlantic City and New Jersey was 4.3 degrees. The number of hotter days than usual 14 as announced. Allentown and Pennsylvania became 3.8 degrees warmer, and the number of days with above-average temperature also 14 happened.


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Months covered in research December, January and February happened. The tables obtained by taking the average of the temperature data from different stations were compared with the winter of 1979-80. Stations % 98’inde A temperature increase of at least 2 degrees was detected.

Evidence of global warming

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Meteorologist among the researchers Sean SubletteIn his statement, he said that these 50-year-old data provide clear evidence on the impact of global warming in the Philadelphia region. End 50 in a year He stated that the temperature increased continuously and there was no decrease.

Sun at this time is low in the period has. Temperatures are generally lower during this process. Even so temperature increase visible. Experts continue to call for immediate action against global warming.

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