WireGuard VPN: How quickly modern Fritz boxes become with the Freetz mod

When AVM’s IPsec implementation first appeared on Fritzboxes under the name Fritz-VPN, the function was a long-awaited innovation. Fritz-VPN was well documented from the start, was easy to set up for newbies and was sufficient for the connection speeds that were common at the time.

Today, twelve years later, VDSL, DOCSIS, LTE and fiber optic connections with high data rates in the downlink and uplink dominate. AVM did not quite keep up with the software development, so that even new Fritz boxes lag far behind the connection speeds in terms of VPN performance. The modern IKEv2 variant is also missing, IKEv1 is now considered outdated. The majority of the current Fritzboxes reach the limit at around 20 Mbit / s IPsec throughput – even those like the modemless Fritzbox 4040, which has provided AVM with a lot of RAM and a quad-core ARM processor. On modern VDSL connections you can only use half of the typical uplink rate of 40 Mbit / s via VPN. There is only more VPN throughput with an external device, but that increases the electricity bill and is only worthwhile if it has other tasks.

Despite frequent news about the introduction of WireGuard in the operating systems of routers, AVM has long left the question of whether and when Fritz boxes get a refresh of their VPN function. The announced FritzOS 7.20 should contain VPN improvements, but the manufacturer does not speak of a new protocol. When asked again if and when to introduce WireGuard, AVM told us that although they were looking at the protocol, no decision had been made to introduce it.

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