With 14 video lectures from the Continuous Lifecycle to professionals for DevOps and CD


All recorded lectures of the Continuous Lifecycle, which took place in the Mannheim Congress Center Rosengarten in mid-November 2019, are now available as a video package for 49.95 euros to disposal. The offer includes 12 lectures and two keynotes from heise developer, iX and dpunkt.verlag held conference for Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

The lectures are aimed at developers and software architects who want to deliver their software faster and more often without sacrificing quality. Always with an eye on the requirements of companies, practical applications from a wide variety of industries provide insights into modern software development.

The articles deal with practical topics such as:

  • Misunderstandings about continuous delivery (Eberhard Wolff)
  • Bad DevOps made easy (Dirk Lehmann)
  • Chaos Engineering (Casey Rosenthal)
  • Practical report: The road to SRE (Bastian Spanneberg)

The lectures and keynotes of the Continuous Lifecycle 2019 are now available available for purchase as videos and can be streamed at any time. The introductory price of € 49.95 is valid until September 25, 2020 – after that, the package costs € 69.90. Individual videos cost 9.95 euros.

The continuation of the successful conference series Continuous lifecycle and ContainerConf 2020 despite the current restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, the organizers continue to stick to the November date in Mannheim and at the same time prepare online supplements and alternatives. That means: The Continuous Lifecycle and ContainerConf 2020 will take place – on site, hybrid or online.


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