With the takeover, Panasonic is driving the autonomous supply chain forward – eCommerce Magazin

  • The acquisition of Blue Yonder enables the development of the autonomous supply chain through the combination of IoT and AI / ML.
  • Further advantages: Smarter, better networked supply chains and optimized multi-channel trade

After acquiring a 20 percent stake in Blue Yonder in July 2020, Panasonic announced on April 23, 2021 that it would acquire the remaining shares in the company. The acquisition has now passed the antitrust approval process and has received approval from regulatory authorities in the United States and other countries. The acquisition accelerates the joint development of an autonomous supply chain.

By integrating Panasonic’s sensor technologies and edge devices and Blue Yonder’s AI / ML-based planning, execution and commerce solutions, companies can rethink e-commerce strategies, retail stores, warehouses, transportation and workplaces, making them smarter and more network better. This unique end-to-end offering gives customers unlimited visibility, control and orchestration. In addition, it makes it possible to optimize processes in real time, offer a better customer experience and achieve more profitable business results.

Blue Yonder AI technology merges with Panasonic’s edge platform

“With the increasing frequency and widespread impact of disrupted supply chains, organizations need data and visibility to make real-time operational decisions. The merger will merge Panasonic edge technologies with Blue Yonder’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. The combination of Panasonic Internet of Things devices and Blue Yonder’s AI-powered platform enables faster and more comprehensive data analysis, ”said analyst Simon Ellis, program vice president at IDC.

“Panasonic’s resources and Blue Yonder’s innovations will accelerate the advancement of the tools customers need to anticipate and prevent disruptions in the supply chain. They are designing more autonomous supply chains. Panasonic’s takeover of the company is a glimpse of what’s to come, ”continued Ellis.

Panasonic focuses on digital transformation and customer orientation

With the acquisition, Panasonic wants to focus on the areas of digital transformation and customer orientation. From April 1, 2022, the Panasonic Group will transform itself into a holding company and concentrate on strategic business areas in some key areas, such as the provision of supply chains, innovations and automation. With this transformation, Panasonic intends to contribute to a more sustainable society by making more efficient use of limited global resources.

The Blue Yonder brand will be retained and the company will be part of the Panasonic Connected Solutions Company. The company’s CEO, Girish Rishi, and the entire management team will remain with the company. In each one Video Yasuyuki Higuchi, CEO of Panasonic’s Connected Solutions Company, and Girish Rishi, CEO of Blue Yonder, explain what they expect from the merger of the two companies.

Blue Yonder Panasonic
Panasonic and Blue Yonder belong together in the future. (Graphic: Panasonic)

the Panasonic Corporation is one of the world’s leading companies in the development of innovative technologies and solutions. This includes a large number of applications in the consumer electronics, housing, automotive and B2B business areas. Panasonic currently has 522 subsidiaries and 69 associated companies.

Blue Yonder is Platform provider for digital end-to-end supply chains and omnichannel commerce fulfillment. The precise demand forecasts enable companies to better serve demands and optimize the customer experience. In addition, they can improve the planning and execution of their business strategies. In this way, they achieve more profitable results and create new customer experiences. (sg)

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