Woman Seeking Online Hire Killer Arrested

The federal court in Wisconsin, United States, arrested a woman named Kelly Harper. Kelly Harper was accused of searching for a hitman on the dark web, also known as the “dark web”, and hiring a hitman with Bitcoin.

You do on the internet your calls Have you ever thought that it could cause you trouble? OK then ‘dark web’ Have you thought about the results of researching something on the dark web, also known as? If your answer is no, after this news you may want to be more careful on the internet because a woman in the USA has been charged with her internet research last year and was arrested.

Federal court in the state of Wisconsin, United States Kelly Harper issued an arrest warrant for a woman named. Kelly Harper on the dark web looking for a hitman and the world’s most popular cryptocurrency Accused of hiring Bitcoin on loan. As stated in the criminal complaint, Harper described the car of the person who was intended to be killed, the place where he worked, his mobile phone number and many information about him.

He conducted a hitman search between October and December last year:

internet search

According to the statements of the Ministry of Justice, Kelly Harper, last year’s between October and December conducted a hitman search on the internet. Kelly Harper, who later paid with Bitcoin to a hitman retention site, ‘he uses his interstate trade opportunities to hire a hitman’ He was arrested on February 5, 2021. The accusation states that it is not necessary for the defendant to actually commit murder to be found guilty.

37-year-old Harper if convicted for up to 10 years He will be sentenced to prison. The Ministry of Justice stated that this was still an accusation and that the defendant was innocent until proven guilty. Experts explain that although Kelly Harper has paid someone with a ‘murder intent’, they do not clearly know if it is possible to hire a hitman over the dark web. Because, in previous research, 24 hired killer sites found in the dark web fraud It turned out that he did.

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