World English Proficiency Index Announced


World English Proficiency Index announced. In recent years, Turkey constantly going backwards, unable to maintain order on the list once again. Turkey, ranks 79 among 100 countries.

In the last days of 2019, various reports are published which are closely related to our country. The most recent of these reports was the "World English Proficiency Index". According to the results of the study TurkeyDoes not give very good results about English proficiency. Moreover, research, why Turkey is not very good in English revealing.

When the data are evaluated on the basis of countries, the first five; Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Singapore. The last country in the index is Libya. Women around the world also speak English better than men. If you wish, now the World English Proficiency Index TurkeyLet's take a closer look at the sections of interest.

The English

Turkey, during the 79's English Proficiency Index

World English Proficiency Index 100 countries There were. Turkey find the # 79 among the 100 countries. Moreover, Turkey ranks 32 among 33 European countries. Turkey's categories covered by the survey is "very low" as described. # 73, which in the past year, Turkey is going backwards in English last five years.


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The index also shows the countries' English levels. Turkey according to the data, using the English language, the name, age and country in which he lives simply can introduce. We can also understand the signs and engage in a simple dialogue with a foreign person. So on the basis of this failure of Turkey in English what is the reason? The index gives the answer to this question.


As we move away from the European Union, we move away from English

World English Proficiency Index main reason for the decline in Turkey's English by 2019, our country European unionprogression. So Turkey's EU entry hopes decreases, the importance given to English also falls. Another issue is education system highlighted in the statements made concerning Turkey. According to the report, Turkey, rather than giving students the practical and theoretical knowledge which reduces the English competency of Turkey.

The data described, Turkey this year compared to last year shows that slightly declined. Let's see next year on Turkey's English a how to change the perspective.

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