World’s First ‘DNA-Based Coronavirus Vaccine’ Developed

The ZyCov-D vaccine, the world’s first DNA-based vaccine approved for emergency use, has been officially launched. It was announced that the vaccine was 67% effective.

Recently, our domestic vaccine Türkovac’ın Many vaccine options have emerged for COVID-19. Some of these vaccines traditional methods some are getting ready mRNA based was prepared. Although many DNA-based vaccines are developed, none of them could not get approval. Until now.

Developed in India and emergency use approval developed the world’s first DNA-based vaccine. Researchers have found that the vaccine can be used anywhere in the world and that DNA-based vaccines will soon be available from other countries. that you can come out explained.

How effective is the DNA-based vaccine?

ZyCoV-D vaccine, called applied to the skin structure and against COVID-19 %67 effective. The vaccine is also the first DNA vaccine to pass phase 3 trials and be approved for emergency use. Shahid Jameel, a virologist at Ashoka University, said:If DNA vaccines are successful, it could revolutionize vaccination. Both the production and costs of these vaccines are much more affordable.He mentioned that DNA vaccines are ideal for mass vaccinations.

Although mRNA-based vaccines act very quickly, these effects can diminish over time and must be stored at very low temperatures. If DNA vaccines in the long run It shows more stable effects, can be produced faster and cheaper, and can be stored more easily.

Administered differently than normal vaccines

Unlike other vaccines, the ZyCov-D vaccine is injected directly into the muscle tissue in the body. injected just under the skin. Since there are so many immune cells under the skin, the DNA vaccine is used with these cells. more quickly interacts and makes the body produce antibodies faster. But for the ZyCov-D vaccine to reach its full potential, it is now in 3 doses requires vaccination. The researchers who developed the vaccine are currently aiming to increase the efficacy rate of 67% of the vaccine and to reduce these 3 doses to 2 doses. doing studies.

Although it is declared that the vaccine is 67% effective, the scientists who prepared the vaccine determined that this rate was could be higher says. Explaining that the vaccine is almost equally effective in the short term, especially against the Delta variant, which has recently erupted, scientists said that the vaccine is effective in the long term. much more stable and effective declared that.


Pfizer, who gave hope to the whole world with a vaccine, has now developed a drug for the treatment of COVID-19

Some researchers’ research on the ZyCov-D vaccine is not transparent The scientists who developed the vaccine after claiming the vaccine, within a few days all reports announced that they would publish and that they had nothing to hide.