World’s Most Expensive Cities for the Rich Announced


The “2021 Global Wealth and Lifestyle” report published by Julius Baer revealed the world’s most expensive cities for the wealthy. The four cities that make the top five on the list are located in the Asian continent.

The city we live in can be more expensive or cheaper than other cities in the same country, with a slight or large difference. When cities around the world are compared, there is an enormous difference. Recently Julius Baer published by “2021 Global Wealth and Lifestylereport also listed the cities where you cannot feel your wealth at most, no matter how much money you have today.

Hosting the most costly cities for individuals with high and ultra high assets in the past years, the Asian continent has dominated the list in the same way this year. Most expensive cities for high-income individuals four of the top five cities are in the Asian continent took place. There was a change in the city at the top of the list.

The most expensive cities in the world for the rich:

most expensive cities

Hong Kong, which was at the top of the list last year, has dropped to third place this year. If it’s the most expensive city for the rich Shanghai city of china happened. The names that follow Shanghai are respectively the capital of Japan Tokyo, Special administrative area in China Hong KongThe city state in europe Monaco, Taiwan’s capital Taipei and Switzerland’s largest city Zurich was in the form.

In addition to the ranking of the cities, there has been a change in the luxury goods that are at the forefront in these cities. In the period when people are closed to their homes due to the effect of coronavirus personal technologies and interest in treadmills has increased substantially. On the other hand, women’s shoes decreased by 11.7%, hotel suites by 9.3%, wine 5.3%; business class flights increased by 11.4%, whiskey by 9.9% and watches by 6.6%.


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The report also included some comments on the future. According to the published report, the Asian continent is the most expensive region in the world. its title in the coming years will protect. On the other hand, although India in the same continent is seen as having more reasonable prices unlike countries in the same continents, this situation will change in the future and India will be a more expensive place.

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