World’s Most Expensive Pizza Sets a Record: Exactly 613 Million Dollars


The value of two large pizzas purchased for 10 thousand Bitcoins in 2010 reached 613 million dollars with Bitcoin’s last record. As Bitcoin gets more valuable, the size of the fish that escaped grows.

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoinrecently broke a new record, reaching over $ 61,000. Bitcoin “Highest value of all time” (ATH) As every time he broke his record, he was a computer programmer in the last record. Laszlo Hanyecz came.

As a matter of fact Hanyecz’s story many of us have heard of it before. Laszlo Hanyecz, 2010 He ordered two large pizzas in 2003 and preferred to pay with Bitcoin instead of paying in dollars for these pizzas. Hanyecz exactly for just two pizzas 10 am bitcoin had paid.

The current value of 10 thousand Bitcoins that produced only 2 large pizzas in 2010 is 613 million dollars.

Pizza bought with 10 thousand bitcoins


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The value of 10 thousand Bitcoins at that time only $ 41 However, with the 11-year period and Bitcoin becoming the most popular cryptocurrency, the current cost of these 2 pizzas $ 613 million has found. Of course, it was impossible for Hanyecz to know that he had paid a fortune for two pizzas in those days.

Hanyecz for the “opportunity” he missed that you have no regrets while expressing; the story of buying the world’s most expensive pizza, “I wrote on a forum site created for Bitcoin that I could pay 10 thousand Bitcoins for two large pizzas. The user named ‘Jercos’ returned to the message I wrote two days later, on 22 May 2010. My offer was accepted and two large pizzas were sent to my house ” explains in the form.

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