Xbox Cloud Gaming Duyuruldu [Siz de Kullanabilirsiniz]


Microsoft introduced its new system, Xbox Cloud Gaming, which allows players to play games over the cloud. Thanks to this system, which is only available in 22 countries for now, players will be able to play games even from their computer’s browser.

One of the best things Microsoft has ever offered to gamers is undoubtedly Xbox Game Pass, which allows console games to be played on Windows 10. With this system, which offers a monthly subscription service, Microsoft, a formidable competitor to PlayStation,to make it more interesting is making efforts.

According to a new report from Microsoft, the company is able to play games with the highest graphics, regardless of computer hardware. which allows it to be played only over the internet connection Working on Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta.

xbox cloud gaming

Thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming, players will have the chance to play a game they like very much on the console, on the computer, phone or tablet. In addition, you will be able to try the games that you could not decide to download to the console for the first time on these platforms. One of the best features of Xbox Cloud Gaming, without the need for a high-end PC to open games even from the browser to allow. All you have to do is click here to go to the page and sign in with your Microsoft account.

As you can imagine, Xbox Cloud Gaming is a service only available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. If you want to take advantage of Microsoft’s cloud gaming logic, you must first subscribe to Game Pass. If you are a Game Pass member, you need to connect your console controller to the device you want to play games with via USB or Bluetooth and pair it. To learn how to use Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android, iOS and PC here you can click.

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