Xbox Games That Won’t Show At E3 2021 Shared

With Microsoft’s addition of Bethesda to its game studios, eyes turned to Bethesda games, which will be introduced at E3 2021 and are expected to strengthen the Xbox side. A reliable name shared on his social media account what not to expect in this promotion.

One of the most anticipated events every year E3 2021is one of the games that many people are waiting for, named according to the current year. introduced and it is known as a game fair where he gets ideas about new titles. At this fair, many developers will introduce their games and plans informs the players about it.

Ubisoft Forward and Square Enix One of those who will host this fair, where we see companies such as Xbox ve Bethesda appears as. While gamers expect some pretty solid titles from this mighty duo, what’s a reliable name, Xbox and Bethesda promotion? we don’t expect shared the need. Here are those titles

Hellblade 2 and Avowed may not be included in this promotion

Jeff Grubb Twitter

Owner of the shares VentureBeat’teki known for having access to solid information through his work Jeff Grubb. According to Grubb’s share, it is one of the most solid titles expected from the Xbox and Bethesda duo. Avowed it looks like it won’t show in this event. Besides Perfect Dark, IOI’s Project Dragon, Hellblade 2 and Fable We will not be able to see their games at this event either. Besides, the exciting Everwild and the creator of the game We Happy Few. Of Compulsion the new game will not appear at this fair.

Jeff Grubb Twitter

However, Grubb is alongside the long-awaited Bethesda production Starfield. another Bethesda game or confirmed the future of their games. In addition, these games are not only at E3 2021, at other fairs Let’s say it can be introduced.


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As a result, it’s still new, apart from the titles Grubb has listed. Forza Horizon and Halo It seems that this fair will be productive for the Xbox side, which has powerful titles such as. In addition to these games, added under Microsoft’s Xbox roof other studios It is also expected to provide information about Of course Grubb’s words formal We cannot accept it as definitively as an Xbox statement, but it should be noted that it has gained the trust of the gaming community with the information it has provided in the past.