Xbox Series X Allegedly Shut Down On Its Own


Some players who had the opportunity to experience the Xbox Series X claimed that the next generation console turned off automatically after the game started. How common the problem is or whether it affects the Xbox Series S is not yet known.

The gamers have been waiting for a long time new generation consoles, finally takes its place on the shelves of our country this week. Although the excitement increases with the arrival of the new generation consoles, everything may not be as we imagined. At this point, recently offered for sale in the USA and a few other countries PlayStation 5As soon as it met with consumers, it had raised a few problems from day one.

Because of this problem, the cause of which is not known exactly, users cannot download games to PlayStation 5 consoles. Seems like Xbox side things are not going well because many users disconnection He started to complain about his problems.

Xbox Series X shuts down in the middle of the game:

Xbox Series X

According to one of the users, the Xbox Series X will start a few seconds after the game starts. it closes by itself. Moreover, reinstalling the game completely or resetting the console to factory settings does not provide a solution.

The number of people who claim to experience similar behavior on the Xbox Series X is not very few. Other users are also until the first 20 minutes It suggests that the console shuts off automatically in the range. In this case, the console is not restarted, i.e. completely closed And let us state that you need to turn it on again by pressing the button on the console.

How common the problem is and Xbox Series S’in It is not yet known how affected by this issue, but it is reported that sources have reached Microsoft for clarification. If there is a new development on the subject, we will continue to inform you.

There is a similar problem on PlayStation 5:


“Unable to Download, Copy” Error Appears on PlayStation 5 from Day One

A similar problem bothers PlayStation 5 users. Users who are allegedly unable to install games on their new generation consoles, when they try to download any game “Something went wrong” writing and “Try again” meets the button. To get more detailed information about the subject, you can take a look at our content above.

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