Xbox Series X Controller Support Coming to Apple Devices


New information appeared on Apple’s page, where it provided information about wireless game controllers support. Accordingly, Microsoft and Apple continue to work together for Xbox Series X controller support.

With the new generation consoles released, new game controllers also enters. In addition to the console debate among gamers, it is also debatable whether Xbox or PlayStation controllers are better.

Of course, these game controllers are not only used on consoles. PC gamers can also use these controllers on their computers. By Apple to its users new generation game controller support Good news came about.

Apple promises Xbox Series X and Series S controller support

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Apple’s listing of which wireless controller is available for Apple devices on pageThere is also a note regarding the new generation game controllers. In the note Xbox Series X It was stated that Microsoft and Apple are working together to ensure that controller compatibility comes with a future update.

It’s currently unknown why this controller doesn’t have support. Also the controller of PlayStation 5 on that page DualSense There is no information about it. DualSense support came to Steam, so it is likely that we will see this support on Apple devices. It is also stated that there are studies on DualSense compatibility by Apple.


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So, which wireless game controllers do Apple devices support? Game controllers supported by Apple devices are as follows:

  • Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth (Model 1708)
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller (Series 2)
  • Xbox Adaptive Game Command
  • PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller
  • Other Bluetooth controllers made for iOS may also be supported.