Xiao Qiu Mei Loses His Life While Filming Video On Crane

A Chinese content producer had a fatal accident while trying to shoot a video. Xiao Qiu Mei, who produces content on a TikTok-like channel, fell to his death while shooting video on top of a crane.

A Chinese woman who produces content on social media misbehaves while filming atop a 50-metre crane. fell and died. The death and cause of the woman who worked as a crane operator was confirmed by her family.

The victim of the accident, Xiao Qiu Mei, was known for her daily life and work videos she shared on social media. Known mostly as the Chinese version of TikTok for its posts Douyin’i Unfortunately, the woman who used it could not be saved after the accident.

Fell from a height of 50 meters while shooting video

xiao qiu mei

Working as a crane operator, Xiao Qiu Mei was also a mother of two. The woman, who uploaded videos of her daily life and work to her social media accounts, mostly Douyin, wanted to shoot videos while she was working as usual. However misstep on top of the crane 23-year-old Xiao fell straight to the ground.

From a height of about 50 meters The woman who had fallen to the ground was still holding her phone while she was on the ground. The moments of falling were reflected in his own camera in a blurry way. At the time of the accident in Quzhou, China, almost no workers were left in the construction. It was Xiao Qiu Mei’s family that confirmed the death, and that the incident was caused by a wrong step.


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Earlier these months, another similar death occurred in China. An ‘influencer’ from Hong Kong, who was trying to take a photo at the edge of a waterfall in Tsing Dai Stream, lost his balance and fell down from the waterfall and died.

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