Xiaomi Announces the Date to Introduce Its New Processor

China-based technology giant Xiaomi announced that it will introduce its new processor at the launch event to be held next Monday. There are rumors that the new processor will be an image signal processor (ISP).

The Chinese technology giant that makes a name for itself with the price / performance products it has launched. Xiaomihas a wide range of products from smartphones to computers and consumer electronics. The company, which increases its product range day by day, is the last own processor There were reports that he had improved.

The Chinese manufacturer, not far from the processor industry, for the first time in 2017 Surge S1 He developed a chipset called. Then Xiaomi’s Surge S2’yi Although it was claimed to announce, it was not expected and the new generation chipset was not introduced. Today, the company has officially confirmed that it has a new processor of its own design.

Xiaomi will introduce its own processor:

xiaomi processor announcement

According to information obtained from sources close to the industry, the chip in question will not have chipset features and image signal processor (ISP) it will be. At this point, previous reports have reported that the Xiaomi ISP will be an independent processor responsible for processing data from the camera.

According to another claim, the new processor is the company’s Surge S1 It may be a continuation of the chip. We do not yet know which of these claims are true, as the Chinese manufacturer does not provide much details about the processor.


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The new processor will be announced at the launch event on Monday:

The Chinese technology giant from social media accounts announced that its new processor will be shown for the first time at the launch event to be held next Monday. In this introduction, the company’s new flagship series Mi 11s We will see it for the first time with all its features.

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