Xiaomi Announces The Date To Introduce The New Charger

China-based technology giant Xiaomi manages to attract attention with the new technologies it has introduced recently. This time Xiaomi, planning to jump the age of fast charging technology, will introduce its technology called ‘Hyper Charge’ tomorrow.

Technology giant Xiaomi, which announced its name to the masses with its price / performance products, is now charging speeds one of the world’s leading companies in its field. Continuing to work on this issue, the company constantly pushing the limits strives to offer better technologies.

The flagship model introduced in the past periods Mi 11 Ultra’da 67 W. Offering wired fast charging technology, Xiaomi is now preparing to introduce its new technology that will revolutionize chargers.

Revolutionary technology from Xiaomi:

Xiaomi Hyper Charge

From Xiaomi social media channels #InnovationForEveryone (#Innovation for All) and #XiaomiHyperCharge In the post he shared with his tags, he told his followers “Any guesses on what the new record will be?” he posed the question. Along with this post, the company will be introduced tomorrow ‘Hyper Charge’ technology was also announced.

Earlier this year Xiaomi 200 W There were claims that it was developing supported devices. Therefore, in tomorrow’s presentation 200 W waiting for the introduction of fast charging technology. Although these speeds impressive However, it remains to be seen what the life and quality of the battery will be while reaching these speeds.

Last year, Xiaomi again held a similar event. 80 W It introduced wireless fast charging technology, but we have not seen this technology in any device yet. Chinese company, currently 80 W wireless chargers sells a phone that can be used not available.


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maybe next year 200W fast charging and 80W wireless fast charging Supporting flagship models may be released. Let’s wait and see the answer to this.

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