Xiaomi Becomes Europe’s Best Selling Phone Brand


The second quarter data of the European smartphone market has been announced. Among the top five manufacturers, Samsung lost the lead and regressed to the second place, while Xiaomi became the new leader of the market.

Strategy Analytics has released its second quarter report on the smartphone market in Europe. While Samsung was the leader of the smartphone market in the first quarter, it was the leader of the second quarter. Xiaomi with a 25.3% market share was recorded. Since the leader of the smartphone market changes frequently, Xiaomi’s gaining this leadership does not mean that it will hold the seat for a long time.

Strategy Analytics Vice President Boris Metodiev stated that the second quarter went well in the European market, with the general situation improving in the COVID-19 pandemic. This success of Xiaomi in the market; High sales figures in Russia, Ukraine, Spain and Italyit is based on. Because in these countries, Mi and Redmi series, which are considered as price performance products, attract a lot of attention.

Samsung is the only company whose sales have dropped


Among the top five companies, Samsung is the only company with fewer sales compared to last year, while Strategy Analytics manager Neil Mawston said this. Apple’s high end strengthened its hand in the phone market and Chinese manufacturers are also at the lower level attributed to its dominance of the telephone market.


Top Selling Smartphone Brands in the Last 3 Months Announced (Samsung and Xiaomi Outperformed Their Competitors)

When we look at Apple, many of its customers who have been using the same device for a long time now decide to make changes. Very successful sales with the iPhone 12 series We see you do it. Realme, on the other hand, managed to rank among the top five manufacturers in Europe with the sales success of the Realme 8 series.

Second quarter data for the European smartphone market:

European Smartphone Market Second Quarter Data

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