Xiaomi Car’s Price Range Officially Announced

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun has officially announced the price range of the Xiaomi brand electric car, which they will launch in a live broadcast during the company’s anniversary events. Accordingly, Xiaomi’s electric car will be in the middle to upper segment range.

Currently, there are news about “Entering the automobile industry” about many technology giants. Xiaomimay be the company that speaks the loudest about its work on this subject. Currently celebrating its 11th anniversary, the company electric car Not only did he officially explain that he was working on it, he even shared the type and price range of the vehicle he was planning to launch.

Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, featured in the live broadcast of the company’s anniversary events, showing a sedan or SUV announced that it would be. Again, according to the statements made by Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s first electric car model, Between 15 thousand dollars and 45 thousand dollars will have a price tag.

Xiaomi’s first electric car will be a sedan or SUV

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One of the discussions about the Xiaomi electric car was whether to use Xiaomi’s new logo or the old logo on the vehicle. Lei Jun in oval design your new logo He states that it is more suitable than the old logo with a square design. Nevertheless, Jun instead of taking a “we said” attitude about it. listening to the opinions of the fans.

The founder of Xiaomi has posted many polls on Weibo, China’s local social media platform, allowing fans to express their opinion on Xiaomi’s first electric car. According to the survey, fans want the first Xiaomi car to be a sedan or SUV, cost between $ 15 and $ 22,000, and launch under the brand “Xiaomi”. Still, it is not yet clear whether Xiaomi will create a new brand or hit the road with the Xiaomi brand.


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