Xiaomi, Company Becomes Top Selling Phone in Turkey

Market data research firm Canalsy announced its quarterly results covering the months of July, August and September. Xiaomi According to the announced results, the company was the best selling phone in Turkey in the last quarter. The company’s market share was recorded as 26 percent and its growth rate as 340 percent.

It is unquestionable that the Chinese technology company Xiaomi is growing more and more every day. In fact, a short while ago, the company Apple It was revealed that he had left behind. A similar situation also seems to be happening in Turkey. According to data shared by Canalys, Xiaomi in the third quarter covering the months of July, August and September. companies that most smart phone sales in Turkey was recorded as.

According to research done Xiaomimi’s market share in Turkey, on an annual basis 26 percent happened. The company’s growth rate in Turkey 340 percent It appeared as. These growth rates and market share in Turkey in the last quarter of consumers reveal that they prefer most Xiaomimi. Company in Turkey, Samsung, powerful rivals such as Apple and Huawei crushed by case.

Here is the data shared by Canalsy


When we look at Canalsy’s data, the company following Xiaomi Samsung We see that. According to Samsung, holding 21 percent of market share in the hands of Turkey. The situation of the company in the last quarter is 17 percent. Also, Huawei is having a similar fate to Samsung. Market share in the third quarter 18 percent Huawei can hold in his hand, shrank by 7 percent in Turkey. During the fourth of the disclosed data included Apple, Turkey market share of 15 percent across the country, holding in hand grew 290 percent. Also, OPPO, another Chinese company, was able to hold 7 percent of the market share. OPPO also Xiaomi or lesser extent Apple has managed to grow in Turkey.

Speaking about the success of Xiaomi Xiaomimi in Turkey Turkey Sales Director Irfan Ozturk, allowing everyone to reach this achievement that they are grateful explained. Saying that Xiaomi fans have a big share in the growth of the company, Öztürk said, returns He stated that thanks to them, they reached this point. İrfan Öztürk stated that they determined the three principles as a guide and followed these principles.


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According to Öztürk, Xiaomi offers the best price performance products. will not give upwill continue to design products that will not stop R&D studies of innovative technologies and will impress consumers. Saying that these principles are also accepted by the Turkish people, Öztürk said that they have been in the market for 2 years and have grown at unprecedented levels. clearest indicator He states that.