Xiaomi Introduces Robot Dog CyberDog


Xiaomi made the finale of today’s promotional event with a robot dog. The capabilities of the product called CyberDog were displayed on the stage with various commands. Although it has a very powerful equipment, the price of the dog, whose main function is entertainment, has also been determined.

The last product introduced at the promotional events of technology companies is generally the most curious and expected product by consumers. “We have one more product” One of these possible ‘big’ products, which were introduced with expressions such as, was expected at today’s event of Xiaomi. However, the audience encountered a much more bizarre product than they expected.

At today’s promotional event of Xiaomi, the company’s long-awaited tablet Mi Pad 5 and its new flagship Mi MIX 4 were introduced. At the event, where a few small smart home devices were also introduced, the eyes searched for the company’s first electric car. However, the last product introduced was not 4-wheeled, but 4-legged. Yes, we are talking about a robot dog similar to those of Boston Dynamics.

Demonstrations of CyberDog’s capabilities:

Xiaomi’s robot dog called CyberDog was introduced as if it were a cutting-edge toy. But don’t look at what we call a toy, its brain Nvidia’s Jetson Xavier chip This dog can easily overcome many obstacles with its advanced artificial intelligence. The metal dog, which easily understands the events around it and acts accordingly, also strictly follows the commands of its owner.

CyberDog, which exhibits its abilities with various movements on the stage during the promotion, is quite eye-catching in terms of its hardware features. The CyberDog, whose height does not exceed that of an English bulldog, It can run at a speed of 3.2 meters per second. Thanks to the sensors on it, the dog can easily detect the obstacles around it and take a position accordingly, and it also carries 6 microphones to receive commands. With a maximum torque of 32 NM, the robot can save the images recorded on its camera to its internal memory of 128 GB.

It resembles an advanced Furby:



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In fact, this ‘toy’, which is not very useful in areas other than entertainment, can take commands both from the phone you connect and directly from you. When we look at all the features of this robot, whose name sounds like the stage name Snoop Dogg used for his techno album, we can make the following judgment: Xiaomi has turned Boston Dynamics’ ‘Spot’ robot into a ‘Furby’ toy.

CyberDog will soon take its place in tech shops in China with a price tag of 10 thousand CNY. That price is about $1500, so 12 thousand 900 liras it corresponds. Xiaomi’s metal dog does not promise functions such as house cleaning, security, assistant. However “I’d pay $1500 for a smart toy” It seems to be a very enjoyable entertainment tool for those who say.

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