Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 May Come With Embedded Camera


Xiaomi can present the front camera technology embedded in the screen, which it has been working on for a while, in the Mi Mix 4 model. In addition, it is said that there may be an extra screen on the back of the model.

TwitterOne of the users who leaked information about new devices on Xiaomi Mi Mix 4He explained that the . will have a camera embedded under the screen and a completely invisible screen. Xiaomi has been working for a while for the camera to be placed under the screen. However, this technology is not yet in a position to go into mass production. Besides the advanced camera under the screen, Mi Mix 4 is said to have an extra screen on the back, next to the cameras; just like the Mi 11 Ultra.

Xiaomi is one of the first companies to develop under-display camera technology. It was seen that the company even applied for a patent for a dual front camera embedded in the screen in 2019. Last year, the company introduced its third-generation in-display camera technology, which is thought to be ready for mass production this year.

There may also be multiple screens behind it:

xiaomi mi 11 ultra

Another user who leaked information on Twitter shared some images showing that Mi Mix 4 will have a separate screen on the back. The screen appears to be positioned next to the camera section. This is on the right side of the rear camera module A 1.1 inch OLED to the screen It has a similar design to the Mi 11 Ultra. However, the second screen displayed on the Mi Mix 4 looks larger than on the Mi 11 Ultra.


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The release of Mi Mix 4 has been confirmed since February; however, Xiaomi has not yet announced the launch date. According to rumors, the new model of the Mi Mix series, With MIUI on August 13 can be launched. Xiaomi released the Mi Mix 3 in October 2018 and offered an upgrade under the name Mi Mix 3 5G in February 2019.

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