Xiaomi MIUI 11 – Specifications


The Android-based interface MIUI, which Xiaomi offers to smartphone customers, is being updated. MIUI 11, introducing the company officials, announced that the beta process will begin as of September 27. Stable versions of the MIUI 11 are expected to be distributed in October.

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi officially announced the latest version of MIUI, the MIUI 11, which is the interface used on smartphones with an event. MIUI 11's beta tests will begin on September 27th.

MIUI 11 has a special importance for Xiaomi. The reason for this is that Xiaomi and MIUI 11 received an award for the first time. Xiaomi's visual changes to the MIUI 11 interface have enabled the company to receive the Red Dot Design award.


According to Xiaomi, MIUI 11 has a new typeface that supports all Chinese and Latin-based characters. Called "Milan Pro", this writing style is designed to give users a more functional writing and reading experience. In addition, the MIUI 11 has a special optimization system that improves readability. Thanks to this system, fonts can be bolded and dynamic font scaling can be done to increase readability.

Together with the Chinese technology giant MIUI 11, it will also offer new audio experiences for users. In this context; sounds such as water, fire and animal sounds from natural environments have been added. In addition to this, the MIUI 11 will offer users a wide range of new visual effects.

Xiaomi's changes to the MIUI interface are of course not limited to visual or sound effects. Xiaomi has taken several steps in terms of functionality and has combined the applications called "Mi Work" and "Mi Go".


Xiaomi officials said that MIUI 11 will be the fastest version of MIUI to date, but they didn't want to go into detail.


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Xiaomi's beta testing of MIUI 11 will be available to Chinese customers today. As of September 27, users around the world will be able to participate in the MIUI 11 beta. By October, Xiaomi is expected to offer stable release updates. However, it is unclear when Xiaomi users around the world will switch to MIUI 11, as the updates will be distributed step by step.