Xiaomi Officially Established Automobile Manufacturing Company

Xiaomi has officially entered the automobile industry. The company, which has been making statements on the subject for months, will produce cars “Xiaomi Automobile Co. Ltd.” He officially founded the company. The established company has a team of 300 people.

Chinese technology company that has become increasingly popular in recent years Xiaomi, has also been interested in cars for a while. The issue, which came to the fore as an allegation at first, and was later announced with an official statement, has been carried out secretly until today. However, the latest development is for Xiaomi. a new era has officially begun it reveals.

Making a post on China’s social media Weibo, Xiaomi said, “Xiaomi Automobile Co. Ltd.He announced that he has officially established the company named “, and that commercial and industrial records have been officially made for this company. Xiaomi CEO under the patronage of Lei Jun Established company, despite the fact that 20 thousand people have applied so far. From a team of 300 people accepted is formed.

Capital size of Xiaomi Automobile, about 155 million dollars

Xiaomi Automobile

According to Xiaomi’s statements, 10 billion yuan capital has been allocated for the company. 155 million dollars This capital, which corresponds to the vicinity, will enable Xiaomi to manufacture a modern automobile. However, it should be noted that there are still some problems for this. For example, Xiaomi has been wanting to find a partner in China for a while, but automobile manufacturers No agreement was reached with In the latest statements made on Weibo, no details were given about this partner.


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Xiaomi cares a lot about the automobile world. The company is completely electrically powered and by producing a vehicle equipped with the latest technologies, it plans to make a rapid entry into the sector. However, it should not be forgotten that Xiaomi is at the very beginning of the road. Because it is one of Xiaomi’s strongest competitors Apple, He has been working on an automobile project for years. However, this project, known to the whole world, was never realized. Time will tell what Xiaomi will do about it.

Weibo sharing where Xiaomi made the announcement


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