Xiaomi prepares to deal with the Great Wall Engine

Xiaomi, which has recently come to the agenda with the news that it will enter the electric car industry, will work with the Great Wall Motor for the production of vehicles, according to the latest claims.

Demand for electric cars is increasing all over the world and is now the priority of automobile manufacturers. electric cars has been. However, there are many companies that want to be involved in this sector with a very bright future. For example, the technology giant Apple from It is one of the companies that has taken this path and there are reports that it continues to negotiate with automobile manufacturers recently.

Recently, one of the most talked about names at this point is another technology giant. Xiaomi. Developing technology in many areas from home technologies to wearable technologies besides smartphones, Xiaomi is now considering entering the electric car market. Although there is no official information on this subject yet, information has been shared in this direction from many sources in the sector recently.

To sign with Great Wall Motor for electric car production:

Xiaomi electric car

The latest news in this direction is Xiaomi’s one of China’s largest automotive companies for electric car production and is also the country’s largest SUV manufacturer. Great Wall Motor It was that he would come to an agreement with. According to the claim based on different sources by Reuters, Xiaomi is for the production of electric cars. Will use Great Wall Motor’s factories and will also receive engineering support from the company.


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Xiaomi has responded to claims that it will produce electric cars in the past weeks and said that it is ‘not an approved project’. However, the company did not firmly deny that they would enter the electric car market in its statement. This was a situation that strengthened the claims that emerged. Xiaomi’s first electric cars Plans to launch in 2023 is being considered. The vehicle to be produced is expected to be integrated with other products in the Xiaomi ecosystem.