Xiaomi Releases Mi Mix Alpha's Box Opening Video


On September 24, Xiaomi released a new video for its interesting smartphone Mi Mix Alpha. In this video of a box opening, Mi Mix Alpha's protective case is also visible.

On September 24, China-based smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi introduced the Mi Mix Alpha with its interesting design. With the most interesting design among the smartphones, the company has also achieved a first.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is surrounded by a screen, which means that every side of the phone can be used as a screen. In addition to an interesting look that goes beyond the traditional designs, the box-opening video of the phone, which has taken the stones out of its competitors with its 108 MP camera, was released today by Xiaomi.

Mi Mix Alpha has a unique protective case like:

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

In the video we see Mi Mix Alpha in a bloody way. The phone comes in a big box. On the outside of the box, there is an adapter, a USB cable, a USB-C / 3.5mm slew adapter and a protective case.


Mi Mix Alpha Spends Wealth for Design, Uses Visionox's Screens

The case looks very stylish on the device. When the unique case, such as the phone, is closed, a part of the front of the phone is transparent for notification purposes, but a large part of the front is covered with a black cover. Furthermore, the back side of the phone is exposed when the case is worn, which means that the back of the phone can be scratched if used carelessly.

Xiaomi's box opening video: