Xiaomi Will Refund Those Who Buy Their First Smartphone


Xiaomi launched a 100 percent refund campaign for Mi 1, its first smartphone released in 2011. The campaign, which is valid for consumers who pre-order the phone, can be called a gesture by Xiaomi to please its fans. Analysts think that this campaign will cost the company around $57 million.

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi, the flagship phone with a front camera embedded under the screen at an event yesterday Mi Mix 4 with his new smart dog CyberDogu and Mi Pad 5 announced a new tablet model named With this event, the company further strengthened its position in the industry. will strengthen it showed.

Now, Xiaomi has made a decision to show its gratitude to its fans. This decision was made by the company in 2011, exactly 10 years ago. Wed 1 It was about the smart phone. In the statements made by Xiaomi, to all users who pre-ordered Mi 1 in 2011, refund will be made explained. Consumers in all regions where the product is launched will be able to take advantage of Xiaomi’s refund campaign.

Payback program will cost Xiaomi roughly $57 million

Xiaomi Mi 1

In the statements made by Xiaomi, any part of this campaign It was stated that it was not caused by the problem. The company only their self-confidence He’ll do something like this to show off. in 2021 most popular smartphone company in the world Xiaomi, which has become they liked will be.


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In order for the payment made for Xiaomi Mi 1 to be refunded, Your Mi ID address will need to be registered. The consumer will only need the ID to receive a refund. Analysts do not know exactly how many pre-orders the phone received in total. However, according to the rough calculations, this refund program is given to Xiaomi. 57 million dollars will cost.

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