Xiaomi Works on a Phone with Interesting Design

A new smartphone has been revealed, which Xiaomi has patented. The foldable screen of this phone can also be scrolled. It is currently unknown whether the patent, which has a very interesting structure, will turn into a product.

WindowsUnited, the Chinese tech giant Xiaomihas revealed a new smartphone patented by. According to the patent, Xiaomi continues to work on a smartphone with a foldable screen that can slide. But whether this smartphone will become a product or not is for now uncertainty protecting.

As a matter of fact, smart phones with sliding mechanisms are usually placed on two different panels. However, this situation is slightly different in the phone that Xiaomi has patented. Xiaomi, a single panel It provides the scrollability of the phone it designed on it, thanks to the foldable screen. The phone, which has a very interesting structure, is much more than the name if it becomes a product. will make mention looks like.

This is how the smartphone Xiaomi patented


Patent data, a detail on how the phone can be used does not offer. However, when we look at the patent images, we see that a user has to shoot the screen to access the phone’s camera hardware. While this process is happening, the screen starts to slide to the back of the phone. User, with camera hardware After he’s done, he can push the screen back to its original state.


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The smartphone industry has never used a foldable screen like this before. didn’t use. This makes Xiaomi’s smartphone patent interesting. With a smartphone with this design, the company transfer but this patent may never become a product. The fate of Xiaomi’s new patent will come to light in the coming periods.

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