Xiaomi's 'Very' Smart Vacuum Cleaner Introduced


MIJIA has always been one of Xiaomi's popular products. Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has introduced a more advanced top version of the device. The new model has many features, such as a laser detection system.

Xiaomi announces a top model of the “MIJIA” smart vacuum cleaner in the household appliances category. The device, unlike the previous model will appear as a smart robot. Along with the design innovations, there are many improvements in device features.

The top model MIJIA can support three different sweep modes. These modes include “sweep and mop mode”, süpür broom only mode ”and pas mop only”, but for some features the device will need extra accessories.

The new MIJIA can be controlled with the mobile app:

Mijia Smart Vacuum Cleaner

The robotic vacuum cleaner was developed with professional software to simulate manual cleaning and two-way repetitive mopping. The device, which is equipped with an intelligent controlled water tank and controlled water pump, can also detect the water level. The processor is very smart. For example, when it comes to a wooden floor, it does not move without water to avoid damaging the floor.

MIJIA is equipped with a frictionless motor. The device also has a laser detection system. The range of motion is also increased by up to 8 meters. There is also a mobile application for the device. With this app you can view the cleaning status and path of the device in real time. You can also schedule cleaning via the application and create a cleaning route.

With the automatic route feature, MIJIA can recognize your room:

Mijia Smart Vacuum Cleaner

After the first cleaning, MIJIA automatically recognizes the room and stores the route in its memory. You can then make changes to this route through the application and even name the routes.

There is no official explanation for the battery, but it is said to be able to operate for up to 110 minutes. So it can clean a roughly 180 square meter room with a one-time charge. The device automatically returns to the charger just before the battery runs out.


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MIJIA, 254 dollars (approximately 1,400 TL) will take place on the shelves. The device is expected to be available on August 16th.