XPS 13 (9300): Developer Edition receives 32 GB RAM and fingerprint reader


The hardware manufacturer Dell has been working with the Sputnik project for years to deliver its most important computers pre-installed with Ubuntu. This so-called Developer Edition is now directly available for the current devices, including the XPS 13 (9300) with Ice Lake U, such as the one responsible for the project Barton George on his blog writes. The biggest innovation for developers is the support for 32 GB of RAM.

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Of course, these are also available as an option in the versions sold with Windows. George points out, however, that the maximum RAM, which is double that of the predecessors, was and was a direct request from the developer community "we are happy to be able to deliver that too", The device is to be delivered with Ubuntu 18.04 alias Bionic Beaver with long-term support.

Support for the fingerprint sensor is another feature of the Developer Edition that Ubuntu users also expect. This could not be offered immediately at the start of sales in February, but will be delivered as an update and later integrated into the pre-installed image. It is not yet known whether and to what extent upstream support will be available for this in the open source projects used.

As hardware details of the XPS 13 (9300), which should particularly benefit developers, George also mentioned the higher display, which offers a 16:10 instead of 16: 9 resolution and thus more vertical pixels for working. George also listed larger buttons and a larger touchpad. Also at the request of the community, the computer will be packaged more sustainably, with less foam and more recyclable material.

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