You May Need to Get Vaccinated Every Year

Turkish scientist, founding partner of BioNTech and chief medical officer Dr. Özlem Türeci stated in a US-based television program that we may have to get the COVID-19 vaccine every year.

Turkey and continues to increase the speed of propagation of the coronavirus pandemic in the world. BioNTech partner and chief medical officer of the company Dr. Ozlem Türeci He participated in a US-based television show. Making serious statements in the program, Türeci stated that if COVID-19 is like seasonal flu, vaccination should be done every year.

Within the past 12 months at the latest 3rd dose of COVID-19 vaccine stating the necessity to be PfizerTüreci’s statements after Albert Bourla, Chairman of the Board, worry people more about the functioning of the virus. We may have to get the COVID-19 vaccine every year as immunity against the virus gradually decreases after a while.

The most effective vaccine Biontech known

Medal of Merit

It is known that BioNTech is one of the most effective COVID-19 vaccines applied so far. mRNA While it remains unknown how their vaccines will affect human life in the long term, they have become the most important factor that broke the pandemic in many countries. In this sense, the BioNTech vaccine is among the mRNA vaccines. the most effective known as.


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Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci were recently awarded the highest ranking state medal in Germany. Starry Order of Merit They were deemed worthy. BioNTech In the ceremony, in which the vaccine was a groundbreaking discovery, it was emphasized that humanity should have more “vaccine production capacity” due to the pandemic in the 21st century. Due to global warming and melting glaciers, there are many prehistoric viruses. Therefore, COVID-19 will not be the last virus to cause the pandemic.

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