YouTube changes policies and extends protection for children


YouTube has expanded its child protection policy. If headlines, video descriptions, or tags suggest that the content is child and family-friendly, but the video itself contains violence, sexual, vulgar, or mature topics, it violates the recently extended guidelines. The consequences of such a violation are the deletion of the video until the termination of the YouTube channel.

In addition to violence and sex, the misleading family content includes drugs and death. When uploading videos, channel operators should pay attention to audience-specific headings, descriptions, and tags, and if appropriate, age-limit the video if it is adult content only. Among the allowed age-restricted content, YouTube includes dangerous acts that could be imitated by children, vulgar language and violence, sex and death in cartoons, for example, aimed exclusively at adults.

Channel operators who violate the policy will be cautioned on the first violation and the video will be deleted. Further violations involve further warnings, after three warnings the channel is terminated. Videos with inappropriate content, for example, because the age restriction is missing and playback without registration is possible, can be reported to YouTube for review,

YouTube changes policies and extends protection for children

(Photo: dpa, Nicolas Armer)

An extensive study shows that YouTube videos with children are the most successful. The video platform is actually intended for adults only.

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