Youtube deletes 210 channels related to Hong Kong protests


Youtube has removed a network of 210 channels from its video platform, which had been used to coordinate mood around the demonstrations in Hong Kong. The Google subsidiary indirectly referred to China as the author. The discovery coincides with recent findings from Twitter and Facebook – which in turn had earlier this week referred to a campaign from China, with which the demonstrators should be discredited.

Twitter had discovered 936 accounts that coordinated "political dispute in Hong Kong should be sown". In addition, a network of around 200,000 accounts had been blocked before it could develop any significant activity. Facebook removed five accounts, seven pages and three groups with a similar justification. At least one of the pages followed around 15,500 Facebook profiles. Both services showed examples of contributions in which the demonstrators in Hong Kong were portrayed as violent, for example.

Youtube provided less information, So there was no information in the blog entry on the actual content of the videos.

The protests for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong have been going on for two and a half months. The metropolis has been part of China since the departure of the British in 1997. As a Special Administrative Region, Hong Kong is still guaranteed extensive rights until 2047. But many dwellers fear that. Another demand of the demonstrators is the independent investigation of police violence during protests.


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