YouTube deletes RT DE for attempted circumvention – Russia threatens German media


YouTube has the channel RT DE deleted because the operator has circumvented a temporary ban on uploading. YouTube punished this serious violation of the terms of use with the deletion on Tuesday. The second channel, on which RT DE posted new videos despite the ban, also no longer exists. Russia’s government threatens retaliatory measures against German media.

RT DE is the German-language edition of the Russian national foreign broadcaster RT (formerly Russia Today, in German Russia today). RT DE produces its own website from Berlin and puts videos online. The attempt to acquire a Luxembourg TV license has failed. On YouTube, RT DE was one of the largest German-speaking channels in the news category.

However, RT DE has repeatedly attracted attention by spreading disinformation about the coronavirus and the Covid19 pandemic. YouTube reacted to this last week with a seven-day upload ban that would automatically expire on Tuesday. But RT DE did not want to sit out. The operators simply uploaded new videos to another YouTube channel.

“During the (suspension), the channel owners tried to circumvent the restrictions by using a different channel,” quoted RT DE a YouTube spokesman on its own website, “As a result, both channels have been closed for violating YouTube’s terms of use.” RT DE also does not deny its attempt to circumvent it.

Margarita Simonjan, head of RT operator Rossija Swodnja (Russia today), is outraged. She sees YouTube’s measure as the declaration of a “media war” on the state of Russia – not through YouTube, but through the Federal Republic of Germany. Accordingly, the Kremlin will now oppose them German wave as well as the offices of ARD and ZDF proceed in Russia.

In fact, that announces Russian Foreign Ministry retaliated against YouTube and German media at. The ministry pretends that YouTube could not have acted without “support from German authorities and the media”. Russia’s media regulator Roskomnadzor is calling on YouTube owner Google to restore the two deleted channels. According to German wave Roskomnadzor threatens with a fine.

RT itself also reports in its English-language and Russian-language versions about YouTube’s measures against RT DE. RT does not mention in these reports that RT DE tried to circumvent the seven-day suspension.


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