YouTube Shorts Can Earn $10K A Month


YouTube has launched a program that will allow creators to earn up to $10,000 per month by posting videos on Shorts. The most important requirement of the program is that the videos must be original.

Recently YouTube, Instagram Inspired by TikTok It came up with a new platform such as the Reels platform. This platform of YouTube, ‘YouTube Shorts‘ was named. On YouTube Shorts, content producers were able to share short videos and appeal to a wide audience.

The platform has launched a new incentive campaign for YouTube content producers, which must be showing that Google is very successful. The company offers producers who produce content on the TikTok competitor platform. pays up to $10,000 per month explained. YouTube plans to pay a total of $100 million over the next year.

No such screenshots: Videos must be original

youtube shorts

Although this statement by YouTube shows that content producers will earn very generous money, these payments are of course not guaranteed and it is a difficult path. Factors to be considered in order to make such a large amount of money include important details such as how many videos the producer publishes in a month and how many users these videos reach. However, it is also used to prevent monetization from copy paste videos. the condition that the videos are original putting it.

The requirement for videos to be original means we’ll see a lot more original videos on Shorts. Looking at the platform today almost every video We see it taken from TikTok, Snapchat or Reels. All these videos will no longer be intermediaries for creators who want to generate revenue.


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Dubbed the ‘Shorts Fund’, this $100 million project is in the future, according to YouTube’s Product General Manager Neal Mohan. a long-term scalable monetization program will turn into. We will see concretely how the future of Shorts will be affected by this program in the coming months.

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