YouTube: Trump’s channel not permanently banned


In contrast to Twitter, YouTube does not rule out a return of the suspended ex-President Donald Trump to the platform. The video service had suspended Trump in early January after his supporters attacked the Capitol in Washington, citing calls for violence. “We will allow Donald Trump’s channel again when we conclude that the risk of violence has decreased,” said Youtube boss Susan Wojcicki in a video interview on Thursday.

Twitter recently emphasized that there was no way for Trump back to the platform after the permanent ban. Facebook also banned Trump until further notice – but instructed its independent supervisory body to examine the blockade so that such decisions of the online network could overturn. Twitter, where Trump recently followed more than 80 million users, has been by far his most important communication platform in recent years.

Wojcicki did not provide any information on how soon Trump could return on YouTube. However, she pointed out that it was only this week that the Capitol police warned again of possible attacks on the US Parliament building. “I think it’s pretty obvious that there is still an increased risk of violence.”

The video platform owned by Google has a three-warning procedure before someone is permanently banned. Trump’s lockdown in January counts as the first warning. The ban on his channel was then extended until he was ultimately banned for an indefinite period.

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