YouTube’s Picture-in-Picture Feature Arrives on iOS Devices


The picture-in-picture feature, which Android users have been using for a long time, has finally been introduced to iOS users. Now iPhone and iPad users can take advantage of the picture-in-picture feature with YouTube Premium.

One of the most criticized aspects of YouTube over the years has been that videos don’t run in the background on mobile devices or can’t be watched outside of the app. Deciding to listen to the criticisms of its users for years, YouTube finally brought these features to the platform with Premium after many years. Unfortunately, this feature iOS users could not benefit. Likewise, the feature is not active for users who are not Premium members.

After a long wait, the picture-in-picture feature, which allows users to continue watching videos while surfing outside of YouTube, is finally here. Coming for iOS users too. The feature, which has been tested by YouTube for almost a year, is now active on iOS devices.

Coming for Premium users only:

YouTube picture in picture

YouTube’s picture-in-picture feature is on iOS just as it is on Android devices. exclusive to Premium members only it will be. According to the news confirmed by Google, all iOS users around the world will be able to benefit from the feature if they have a Premium membership. Also, as reported by Google, the picture-in-picture feature will be available in the US for all iOS users, with a Premium subscription required, but it is unknown when this step will be taken. Also, the feature Although available to everyone in the US It is said that it will not apply to music videos.


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The feature has started to be distributed, but for now, it is not yet available for all devices. To check if the feature is available on your device if you have a YouTube Premium subscription and are an iOS user Don’t forget to update your app.