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The software-as-a-service solution zenloop collects customer feedback at various points along the customer journey on the basis of the Net Promoter system. Customers rate the probability with which they would recommend a product or service on a scale from 0 to 10. You will then be asked to give a brief reason for the submitted score.

zenloop then analyzes the results, both the submitted score and the reason given in the free text field. This enables companies to initiate improvements based on the findings. Satisfied customers can be retained and won as advocates, dissatisfied customers can be won back through tailor-made and personalized measures.

Customer feedback: How the multi-level smart labels work

The zenloop platform works with smart labels to enable semantic and automatic analysis of customer feedback. With the help of them, incoming responses from customers are automatically clustered in company-specific defined subject areas and assigned a sentiment. Depending on how the respective subject areas are connoted in the customer review. For example, if a customer gives the feedback “Delivery was fast, but the color of the product looks different from the pictures” after an order has been received, the feedback can be automatically assigned to the “Delivery” and “Product” areas using smart labels with the appropriate sentiments (“delivery fast”, ie positive and “product looks different”, ie negative). Pitfalls and product defects can be identified along the customer journey and internal stakeholders can be automatically informed.

Assess the performance of delivery partners

If a company wants to get into the analysis in more detail, for example in order to be able to evaluate the performance of delivery partners in different delivery areas or many different product subgroups separately, additional smart label levels are required – and these are now available on the zenloop platform . The Multi-Level Smart Labels feature now makes it possible to go up to four levels deep into the text analysis of customer feedback. This with a depth and granularity that no other experience management platform on the market has so far been able to offer.

This detailed analysis of customer feedback allows internal stakeholders to be informed even more precisely, such as responsible product management or responsible customer service employees, and thus to specifically remedy deficiencies in the customer journey or in products. In addition, dissatisfied customers can be addressed and retained even faster through personalized reparation campaigns.

Evaluate customer feedback through deeper analysis

“We have received a lot of feedback from our customers over the past few months that they want deeper analysis options for evaluating their customer feedback – that is why we are particularly proud to be able to respond to their requests and present this unique feature on the market,” explains Paul Schwarzenholz, co-founder and managing director of zenloop.

zenloop is a provider of an integrated experience management platform (IXM). The SaaS solution automatically collects customer feedback via various channels along the entire customer journey, analyzes and clusters it and derives personalized measures from this in order to retain satisfied customers and win back dissatisfied customers. The zenloop software can be seamlessly integrated into solutions such as Salesforce, Spryker, Emarsys, Zendesk, Slack or Shopify or used as a supplement to the existing tech stack.

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